TESLA Powerwall – Frequently Asked Questions

Powerwall 3 is a fully integrated solar and battery system, designed to meet the needs of your home. Powerwall 3 can supply more power with a single unit and is designed for easy expansion to meet your present or future needs. Powerwall 3 features an integrated solar inverter allowing solar to be connected directly for high efficiency; it can also be added to existing solar or installed on its own, like Powerwall 2

Powerwall stores your solar energy for backup protection, so when the grid goes down your power stays on.

For most homes, you can receive whole-home backup to power your entire home during an outage and have energy independence by producing energy with solar. You can also reduce your reliance on the grid and save money on utility bills.

What do I need to know about Powerwall from TESLA?

Here at Sunpak we have installed many Powerwall systems and not only are able to fit them, we also provide servicing and maintenance options to ensure you have the support you need, locally, during the life of your solar, backup and energy storage setup.

We have put together a handy selection of Frequently asked questions that we hope will be useful to you. If you do have any more questions at all then please feel free to reach out and we’d love to help.

Can you install Tesla powerwalls even if you don’t have solar?

Yes, Tesla Powerwall 3’s and the previous models of Powerwall (Generation 1 and 2) can be charged from the grid or by your solar array during the day

Can you back up your whole home?

Yes, depending on the size of your service. If you have a 200a or less service you can back up the whole home with 1 gateway plus up to 5 batteries. If you have a 400a split service you would need 2 gateways etc.

How long will it run my home in a power outage?

This is not a straightforward question unfortunately. There are lots of variables that come into play here.
● Do you have a PV/Solar system?
● How many batteries are you installing?
● Are you backing up your whole home or just critical loads?
● How much power does what you plan to back up use?

If you have an existing system, or are looking to add Powerwall or an alternative, Sunpak are able to advise more on what your exact setup might achieve.

What rebates are available?

Depending on your location and programs you join, there are some amazing incentives. In Colorado you can claim up to 50% of the cost back in your taxes. If you join Holy Cross Energies Power+ program you can get a rebate of $2,500 per battery plus a monthly credit.

What is the Holy Cross Energies Power+ Program?

HCE’s Power+ program is a great option to get batteries in your home with the maximum amount of rebates. You sign up to be a part of the program and once the approved install has been completed HCE will pay you $2,500 per battery plus $51.50 per month per battery. You can also pay this off interest free over 10 years. For this you give HCE the access and agreement to pull up to 80% of the battery, up to 10 times a month.

What is the warranty on the batteries?

Tesla Powerwall 3’s come with a 10 year warranty.

Can I add a Powerwall 3 to my existing Powerwall 2 system?

No. Powerwall 3 can be added to other Powerwall 3 batteries but cannot be added to Powerwall 2 or Powerwall+ batteries.

Can I add Powerwall 3 to my existing, non Tesla, Solar system?

Yes. Powerwall 3 is compatible with all major solar inverter brands and can support various existing system sizes.

Powerwall providing backup in an outage

Depending on the number of Powerwalls and type of backup protection, what your Powerwall can back up includes 120 V loads such as lights, outlets and small appliances as well as 240 V heavy loads such as air conditioners, electric cooking ranges, well pumps, EV charging, electric dryers, electric water heaters and pool pumps.

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