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Do you live in Vail, Avon, Edwards, Eagle, Gypsum, or the surrounding area? Did you know if you are a Holy Cross Energy customer you can get a free EV charger?

Holy Cross Energy has a great program where if you have an electric vehicle (or have one on order) and are a customer with their account in good standing, they will supply you with up to two free EV chargers (if you have two EVs). They have two options for paying for the installation of the charger.

1- You can get the free charger and pay an electrician for the installation yourself. (This is the most common)

2-You can get the free charger and have Holy Cross Energy pay for the installation cost upfront and pay it back through your electrical bill over the next 3 years.

The free charger is a ChargePoint level 2 charger. Which is a great product with variable options for power. It can go from as low as a 20amp circuit with the plug-in option which would give you around 12 miles of range an hour all the way up to 80amps with the hard wire option which would give you around 37 miles per hour of charge.

The ChargePoint EV charger is WIFI enabled and can be controlled via an app. It comes with a 23′ charge cable which means in most garages it can reach any charge location. At the time of writing this post, it is currently $749 on amazon with 4.7 stars from 3,025 reviews which speaks wonders for the quality and functionality of the product. All in all, this is a great versatile charger with lots of power options and an easy setup interface. The best part is it’s free, if you wanted to buy this model yourself we have seen prices range anywhere from $600 up to $750.

Some notes:

  • If you decide to go ahead with this EV Charger deal, you will need to have the charger installed and set up within 60 days of picking it up from the Holy Cross Energy office. We recommend scheduling the installation before pick up so all relevant permits can be pulled and to make sure you can find an electrician to complete the work.
  • The Charger comes in two options the NEMA 6-50 which is a 3-pin plug with no neutral and NEMA 14-50 which is a 4-pin plug with neutral. Confirm with your electrician first to see which one to order these options can also have the plug cable removed and be hard-wired in for the higher amperage options.
  • The charger works with all models of EVs, however, some vehicles do require you to use an adaptor.
  • The charger comes with a full 3-year warranty.
  • Fully featured app to schedule charging for off-peak usage times, Set reminders, and see your charging data.
  • Control your charger using Amazon Alexa voice controls.

If you want to take advantage of this offer click on the link below, then contact us through the contact form or call us at (970) 306-4672 to schedule a site visit to discuss your installation.

You can see examples of our work on EV charging systems on our

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